The impact of giving feedback Part1


Yesterday, I made a really rough and ready video following a meeting with a client of mine. It was not planned or rehearsed, (as you could see!), but prompted by some thoughts when I got back to my desk.

With all actions that we take, even though we try not to concern ourselves too much, we hope that they are well received by those around us. The thing is, is that sometimes we don’t know because people don’t tell us.

Therefore, it was a real pleasure to receive one email yesterday and one this morning from 2 people I know commenting on how much they enjoy the My Minute Mentor postings. The email this morning was from an old friend I haven’t seen for years. The result is that it has given my day a tremendous boost, as well as renewing my original hope that the idea would be useful.

Now, they probably didn’t realise the effect of their messages to me (they do now!) and that demonstrates just how impactful giving feedback can be.

So, I suggest today that we all thank someone or show appreciation for something that has positively impacted our lives.


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