How to defeat self-doubt Part1


As you already know, there are many things that can appear to hold us back from achieving what we want in our lives and career. Some of these could be money, a lack of resources or time, or possibly our environment.

What is actually the most destructive of all, and is often at the core of all of the above, is self-doubt.

Self-doubt is like a slow-acting poison. It can be quite cunning at first, sounding like a ‘sensible voice of reason’ that merely causes us to question our actions with ‘what ifs’ and ‘buts’. After a while it starts to infect our core nervous system and major organs, causing acute pain and eventual paralysis.

Here is a technique that will reduce the effect of negative self-talk – if you are someone with an active imagination the steps below are really effective.

  1. Imagine a situation when this negative self-talk occurs and be acutely aware of how you feel, what you can see and especially what you hear being said, how it is being said (loud/soft/rhythm/pace), whether the voice is inside or outside your head, whether you can see the words (do they have a colour?).
  2. Then take each element and change it slightly. If the voice is inside your head make it sound outside your head. If it is loud, turn the volume down. If the words are going around your head, change the direction and make their orbits wider so that they start to move further away.

Test your reaction each time you make a change.

If you need the icing on the cake, imagine the voice belongs to Joe Pasquale…


2 thoughts on “How to defeat self-doubt Part1

  1. I have just tried this, with Joe Pasquale’s voice and it did actually work! I had to make a telephone call about gaining some funding for a workshop I am running and was feeling fairly apprehensive about this. I got in touch with how I was feeling about this, did the suggested exercise and then made the phone call which went ok.


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