The goals that change your life


Goals are cunning little devils. They are painfully easy to set and then can appear to change allegiance once we start to take action to realise them.

So how can we improve our chances of following through on the little turncoats?

Weave them into the very fabric of your being. Create a connection between your goals and every muscle, sinew, higher intention and set of values that you possess so that any weakening on your part would seem like an act of betrayal.

A bit extreme perhaps? I suppose it depends on how much you value your 3 score and ten.

These are the goals that really change your life.


One thought on “The goals that change your life

  1. An act of betrayal – I like it. You can really see it seeming like that at the point of 3 score – shortly before 10. If you set yourself a challenging, life-changing goal the only failure you want to live with is – through no fault of my own – and I did my best. Not – I was lazy; I took my eye off the ball etc.


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