Discipline: Limiting or liberating?


“I never could have done what I have done without the habits of punctuality, order, and diligence, without the determination to concentrate myself on one subject at a time.” Charles Dickens

Clearly Dickens was an immensely disciplined individual.

The trouble with discipline is that it is not very exciting. As soon as we are born, we are made to understand discipline as meaning something that is hard, restricting and massively dull! Is it any wonder that we find it such a tough path to follow?

Every January, I abstain from booze for one month. The first time was a reaction to the liquid lunches of the Christmas period, but after that point it became more of a test. Bizarrely, succeeding in setting myself such a goal has made me realise how strong my will can be.

On 5th December 2009, I was set a challenge to listen to 3 chapters of an audio book every single night of the week for 90 days. Why did I agree to it? Partly because of the content but the main motivation was to stick to a goal and prove to myself that I had the will to do it. Today will be my 90th day.

If it’s possible to achieve such an unimaginative goal as this, just think what you can achieve when the goal is your passion.


One thought on “Discipline: Limiting or liberating?

  1. Robert

    That is so true. Before I retired my golfing performance was a topic of ridicule by others and great frustration to me. so I decided once retired I would prove to myself and therefore to my golfing friends that they had not seen the real me!.
    So first I had a lesson, and then I practiced daily until I was hitting the ball so sweetly that the game of golf became a great pleasure to me, and the invitation to play with others was never again a moment I dreaded!
    I’ve proved that by putting my mind completely to achieving my goal I have succeeded, in not only playing the game of golf better but I now feel capable of achieving anything that I set my mind too.


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