Action or Reaction? Which side do you spend most time on?


Are you someone who takes action or do you find yourself constantly reacting to circumstances?

Whilst enjoying a drink earlier this week, I overheard a conversation between 2 people on an opposite table. The gist of the exchange was that the economy was irreparable, the cost of everything was going up whilst wages were staying the same, and to cap it all, professional footballers were being paid too much money!

I had felt in a positive frame of mind until that point!

During challenging times, especially when the world appears to be working against us, asking ourselves whether we are reacting or taking action to change the situation for the better can be a very valuable exercise.

If you are unsure, listen and see if you are using the following phrases ‘I would like to but…’ or ‘I tried to, however…’

We would live in a pretty dull world if we all thought like that…in fact, we probably wouldn’t be here at all.


One thought on “Action or Reaction? Which side do you spend most time on?

  1. Simon hughes

    Thanks I appreciated that. I actually follow Anthony Robbins, and one of the best quotes i have read that i try to impliment in my life is this.
    ” Try and Find some humor in your stress today “- it has helped.



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