The ‘why?’ and the ‘what next?’


Here are 2 scenarios that I am confident we have all experienced in our lives:

  1. You begin a project with real enthusiasm and then over time your motivation begins to fade for no apparent reason.
  2. You achieve a goal (for example losing a certain amount of weight) and then you seem to go backwards.

The reasons involve the ‘why?’ and the ‘what next?’

The ‘why?’ provides you with the reason to be persistent. Why is the goal important to you? Are you prepared to go through the pain? How would achieving it positively impact your life? Once achieved, what would it feel like? 

The ‘what next?’ provides you with the next part of the plan. If you have lost weight, what healthy routine is needed to maintain this weight? What are the next goals that you need to aim for?

Answer the ‘why?’ and the ‘what next?’ and you will achieve anything you put your mind to.


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