Can a well-crafted CV cure a headache?


When putting together a CV, assume that the person reading it has a pile of 50 CVs to consider at the same time. With this in mind, the easier your skills and suitability can be recognised by the reader the more likely you are to secure an interview – you will also be helping the client by saving their time.

Let me provide you with 3 very simple and effective strategies to achieve this:

1. Make the content relevant and focus on benefits over responsibilities

2. Keep the length to 2 pages

3. Less is more, so use white space

Unless you are making a speculative approach, your application will be in response to a particular vacancy. Many of the clues concerning what they are looking for will be contained in the job advert and job spec. What words do they use? What results are they looking for? What experience is most sought after? Use this as a cue to tailor your CV accordingly. To ensure that your CV is highly focused, for each position outline the result of your actions rather than simply listing your responsibilities.

On the subject of length, would you want to read 50 CVs that are 8 pages long? Be ruthless – if detail isn’t relevant, cut it out!

Think of yourself as an artist. Good use of white space allows the reader’s eye to scan a CV for the most relevant experience. Be consistent with your fonts, use bullet points to break up text and embrace white space.

If you follow these simple guidelines your CV will cure any recruiter’s headache.


One thought on “Can a well-crafted CV cure a headache?

  1. Robert

    Sounds like good common sense to me.
    As a once employer, I was always important for me to see the results that a person had achieved when in a position of responsibility, not necessarily just a list of his/her responsibilities.


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