The mindset for success


What if you were able to have complete responsibility for your actions – would you want it?

Let’s just imagine for a moment that the statement above is true. Let’s go a little further and imagine that, not only do you have complete responsibility for your actions, you also have control over your thoughts, your emotions and even your decisions.

Let’s be completely ridiculous and say that you can even directly influence your results.

What difference would this make to your life? What would you do differently? What might you be able to achieve? What outcomes would you want?

Too good to be true?

Let’s consider a different question.

If you just simply acted as if the above statements were true, would this have a positive impact on your results?

Worth considering don’t you think…


6 thoughts on “The mindset for success

    • I totally agree Paloma. Raising awareness is a process and challenges the way that we think and feel about our world. This can be a tough process since we are encouraged to hold certain beliefs by our environment and by definition raising awareness causes us to have to queston many of the beliefs that we have potentially held for a long time.
      It is a process worth investing in since the freedom this can give your life is incredible.
      My advice is to grit your teeth and start speaking with people who hold different views and really challenge yourself.


  1. Liz Hanson

    I think that this is the first step in so much of what we do and when we go after something important (and actually even the not-so-important smaller details)… it can be a little confronting at first but once you get used to it, it is truly what will create massive results… we may not be able control everything but we can control our response..


    • You are right Liz. The Universe has order and yet there is still chaos embedded within order which means that there will always be things out of our control. As long as we focus on the elements that we can control and ensure that our responses to ‘negative’ results are constructive we are more likely to move closer to what we want.


  2. Julie Balch

    This equation has really stuck with me: E + R = O. Event plus your response to the event will equal the outcome. I actually use this a lot when talking to people, it helps me to focus on how my actions influence my life.

    Loving the blog Charlie, keep it up!!


    • Thank you Julie and I love your equation. It is also good to remember Newton’s third law that ‘action and reaction are always equal and in opposite directions.
      Translated into human terms, if someone shows me kindness I am more inclined to show them the same level of kindness which in turn encourages them to continue being kind!


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