Acting as if…


Do you remember those rare times at school when the lessons were taken by a trainee straight from teacher training college? Being thrown into the lion’s den would have been a more agreeable fate for them!

What made the poor souls such easy prey?

Perhaps it was their lack of experience or possibly their lack of knowledge? I would argue that in many instances they knew more than the people they replaced.

Or was it the fact that they projected their feelings of fear as soon as they walked into the room?

We have all suffered a ‘crisis of confidence’  at some point in our lives. Perhaps before a big presentation at work or even during a run of bad form during a sporting career. When this happens it affects the way that we walk and talk – our shoulders droop, our voice loses its usual authority and we can begin to expect the worst.

One way we can combat this is to act ‘as if’…

Act as if you are confident. Cast your mind back to the times when you felt on top of your game. How did you feel? What were you thinking? What was your posture like?

Another way is to think of someone you admire. How would they walk into the room? What thoughts would they have in their mind? Act as if you are that person.

Act as if you deserve and expect success

Sounds crazy?

There are some actors who may disagree with you…


2 thoughts on “Acting as if…

  1. Liz Hanson

    One of my favourite sayings is ‘Fake it til you Make it’… it always makes me smile when I think of it, which also helps me change my state to be more effective… acting as if, is such a powerful strategy! love it!


  2. I totally agree Liz! The programme ‘Faking it’ is a great example. As long as the intention is ethical, adopting the approach that you are an authority alters your physiology for the better. Research has also suggested that maintaining a positive/happy frame of mind activates a part of the brain responsible for idea generation.
    So, a byproduct of smiling is great ideas! I’d quite happily risk facial cramp for that.


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